Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions Image

TILT Renewal Upload Center


  1. Please choose the following documents:
    1. 2019 Tilt Renewal/Annual Report
    2. Income and Expense Statement
  2. Save the annual report to your computer and read the instructions carefully before you electronically complete the form.
  3. Once form is completed, save the form to your computer by selecting the disk image.
  4. On this page below, input all relevant information.
  5. Select the "Choose File" or "Browse..." button.
  6. Enter security code received by email from Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions.
  7. Select the saved form.
  8. Select “Open”
  9. Select “Upload File”
  10. Verify that the following message is displayed: Thank you. Your file uploaded successfully.
If you have any issues with completing or uploading the annual report form, please contact our department at tilt.renewal@tn.gov (Please, do not submit the forms to this e-mail address)

Upload File

1. Enter Company Name:     (Do not enter symbols i.e. . , _ ! % $ ....)

2. Enter your email:  

3. Choose File Type:  

4. Enter security code (Step 6 from above):  

5.   Note: the size of the file must be less than 256MB(262144KB)

6. Enter the code shown