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Consumer Resources Upload Center


  1. For Complainants - When providing supporting documentation for a consumer complaint, please list your consumer complaint reference number, if it has been provided to you.
  2. For Responding Institutions - Please use the consumer complaint reference number provided when submitting a response and corresponding documentation for a consumer complaint filed against your institution.
  3. For Referring Agencies or Departments - Please follow the steps provided below when forwarding a consumer complaint, which appears to come under the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions regulatory authority.
  4. Enter the name of the Institution involved in the complaint
  5. Enter the complaint number
  6. On this page, select the “Choose File” or "Browse..." button.
  7. Select document you wish to upload (PDF documents only)
  8. Select “Open”
  9. Enter the text you see in the image left of the box.
  10. Enter the Security Code received by calling the Consumer Resource Director at 615-532-1024. Note, if you already received the code, please continue to use it. You will not need to call unless notified to.
  11. Select “Upload File”
  12. Verify that the following message is displayed: Thank you. Your file uploaded successfully.
Note:  If you have any issues uploading a file, please contact our department for assistance at tdfi.consumerresources@tn.gov
IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT submit any information that is considered sensitive or confidential using the email address link above.

Upload File

1. Enter Institution name involved in complaint:     (Do not enter symbols i.e. . , _ ! % $ ....)

2. Enter complaint number provided:      (Enter first 4 digits including the Letter i.e. C1234)

3. Enter security code (Step 10 from above):  

4.   Note: the size of the file must be less than 256MB(262144KB)

5. Enter the code shown