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Bank, Trust, and BIDCO Upload Center


  1. Enter your organization name in the first box
  2. Enter the email address of a contact for the organization
  3. Select the “Choose File” or "Browse..." button.
  4. Select document you wish to upload.
  5. Select “Open”
  6. Enter security code received by email from Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions.
  7. Enter the text you see in the image left of the box.
  8. Select “Upload File”
  9. Verify that the following message is displayed at the top of this page: Thank you. Your file uploaded successfully.
Note:  If you have any issues uploading a file, please contact the Bank Division for assistance at banking.upload@tn.gov, or 615-741-6013.
  • Please make sure that the name of any file being uploaded includes the name of the institution, organization or individual on whose behalf the file is being uploaded. Failure to include such a name may preclude the file from reaching its intended recipient.
  • PLEASE DO NOT submit any information that is considered sensitive or confidential using the email address link above.

Upload File

1. Enter Organization Name:   *  (Do not enter symbols i.e. . , _ ! % $ ....)

2. Enter your email address:   *

3. Select a file    Note: the size of the file must be less than 256MB(262144KB)

4. Enter security code (Step 6 from above): Enter security code (Step 6 from above):  
5. Enter the text you see in the image on the right.  Enter the code shown